Saturday, December 26, 2009

Latest Modern Hair Trends for Winter 2010

In 2010 there will be more hairstyles to come. Women are cutting their hair shorter these days and more will do this in 2010. Having short hair helps to save time and look great as well.

Most men are striving to look like Gerard Butler who is famous for starring in the hit film 300.

One of the best hairstyles out there is the fringe hairstyle. The bangs are going to be very prominent. Make sure that you have the right face shape for this style. If you have a smaller forehead, this style may not work for you. Those with longer foreheads will find the fringe style very useful.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Modern Beauty Hairstyles for Winter 2009 2010

If you have a beauty contest soon and want to win first research your facial shape, and find a style and color that will naturally look good with your facial features, eye color, and skin tone.

Straight hair can be cut and styled to easily create small waves at least. All of that being said, look at the five highest ranking Miss America contestants in 2009.

Kristen Dalton of North Carolina ultimately won, but Carrie Prejean of California, Alicia-Monique Blanco from Arizona, Laura Chukanov from Utah, and Maria Montgomery from Kentucky all had the same hairstyle - long, down, and wavy! You do the math.

Kiera Knightly Modern Hairstyles Trends 2010

Kiera Knightly added layers to her already gorges hairstyles as you will see below. Kiera Knightly style is great and you can look great also when you add shorter layers like hers.

Kiera Knightly also was wearing some medium to short haircuts instead of the longer haircuts that we are used to seeing her. But now at the end of 2009 Kiera Knightly wears longer and lighter hair, check the photos here:

Saturday, December 19, 2009

2010 Modern Bob Hairstyles

Bob hairstyle is great for any face shape and here are bob hairstyle to suit any particular attributes depending on its bangs, length and layers.

Here are different bob hairstyles from which to choose, and a bob’s length should be chosen based on the length and shape of a person’s face.

Bob hairstyles can be evenly cut or cut at an angle and bangs can be added to a bob hairstyle, which can look cute on some people.

Modern Shoulder Length Hairstyles For Medium Hair

Many celebrities at Hollywood these days don't go for extremes like very short or long haircuts so the medium hair cuts hairstyles are a great idea and here are some examples for you, check these photos of cute medium haircuts:

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

2010 Winter for Modern Bob Haircuts Trends

In 2010 ladies will want a new modern and trendy version of the bob cut and for this we posted here several bob haircuts to choose from.

For the bob to be great there are no certain rules you hair can be short or long because some of you want a shoulder length bob while others may opt for a chin length or even shorter all this haircuts look great.

The angle bob is easy to style and ladies can add side swept bangs to enhance the look. The bob haircut can also be styled where the hair is cut in short layers in the back and longer in the front. Here are some photos of different kind of bob haircuts all great options for you:

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Modern Hot Long Hairstyle Trends for Women 2009 2010

Long hairstyles are a classy and great look for women. Longer hair offers a vast variety of modern and cool hairstyles to chose from, though it is harder to take care of than short hairstyle.

Long hairstyles are just perfect ways to show off your cute gorgeous hair. Long hairstyles are harder to get and especially to maintain but if you want a gorgeous modern long hair you can give your hair more time and you will not regret because the results is a great modern hairstyle:

Celebrity Short Blonde Modern Haircuts for Women 2010

At modern hairstyles we show you some blonde short haircuts pictures. Blonde short hairstyles are fun, flirty, professional, casual, and not at last very cute.

There are many types of short blonde haircuts and we want to show you here the best of this short haircuts:

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Tara Reid Glamorous Modern Hairstyles With Long Locks

Tara Reid looks so glamorous with her blonde hairstyle that looks great. Tara Reid gave a little bit of a volume boost to show off her curly face framing hairstyle.

You can easily get this look by using some serum on towel dried hair. Check the photos with Tara Reid wearing the latest long blonde hairstyles for 2010:

Latest Modern Versatile Hairstyle for Women 2010

Wearing versatile hairstyle allows you to have a cool look for many occasions, liker you can easily keep a bang . You can look dazzling if you add flirtatious flip to your long following hair, just keep them loose and long-layered.

It suits almost all types of face shapes and can go with casual and formal outfit as well. For a long layered hairstyle then always keep in mind the shape of your face and then decide in which style you want. You cab sharpen your hair by using a large round brush and a blow dry.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Modern Long Hairstyle from Eva Longoria 2010

If you like this Eva Longoria long hairstyle and want it you will need to spend some time because it is not a very easy hairstyles but your stylist will help you get it, just show him the photos posted bellow.

If you are truly intent on doing so you should get a manikin to practice on to perfect your technique and get comfortable with the way the tool is handled.

Modern Trendy Long Hairstyles with Bangs for Winter 2010

Here are some cute different long hairstyles with bangs like the: Straight Bangs, Side Swept Bangs and Wispy Bangs that are great for square, and rectangular shaped faces.

Straight bangs kind of rare hairstyles because they are so simple but also can be great. Straight bangs are short to medium length bangs that go straight over the forehead.

For wavy or curly long hair, straight bangs are a great way to soften your features and draw attention to your eyes. Here are some photos with all of these long haircuts with bangs:

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Modern Bob Hairstyles for Short Hair for Winter 2010

The modern bob should interplay with the shape of the face and your general style. For a women who gets a modern bob, her stylist to carefully study her face shape, forehead, brows, nose and cheekbones, because the bob can be designed to call attention to a single one of these features.

Bob hairstyle remained a popular option for short hair since then. Bob hairstyle it has been extended, shortened, twisted, curled or inverted. The bob is definitely the most flexible modern short hairstyle there is, and it owes its long life to this fact.