Saturday, April 20, 2013

Cut Side Swept Bangs? That’s a great idea!

side bangs for women

As you know, the bangs and layers can make the hair style looks more beautiful! Jessica Simpson’s medium Hairstyle also has side swept bangs. Bangs whether full frontal or side swept look great and can instantly change the aspect of a hairstyle.

Side swept bangs look great on medium hair as well as long hairstyles. They are great for minimizing the forehead or a bad haircut. If cut and styled properly side swept bangs can make the face look thinner and more stylish.

The classic bob hairstyles look great with side swept bangs as well. They balance the look and can hide a cowlick. Cut longer at first in case you get it wrong so you can still have enough hair to repair the mistake. If you cut it too short there won’t be anything you can do but wait for it to grow.

Keep in mind that wet bangs will get shorter after they blow drying. How to style a good side swept bangs? You can follow these steps to create the side bangs.

Picture of side swept bangs
Picture of side swept bangs

First of all, you should separate the hair that you want to make bangs out of. Pull the hair to the front, separate it from the other part and secure the hair that you don’t want to make bangs out of with a scrunchy and bobby pins if needed so it won’t get in the way, take a comb place it under water and comb the hair that is left loose to get it wet.

You can cut dry hair as well only it will be more difficult if you are a novice, start cutting on the side first around the length of your nose and work your way down. As you work your way towards the other side cut the hair less and less so it’s shorter where you first began and longer where you finish.

It should be an even, slightly oblique cut, blow dry the bangs towards the side where the longer part is straighten them using a flat iron if needed set with hairspray so they will stay on the side.

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